A New Approach to Electric Propulsion, Generation and Energy Storage.

Full and hybrid electrification of aerospace enables new aircraft types and modes of flight for people and goods.

The success of aerospace electrification relies on a strong business case. Evolito believes the heart of that business case is an optimised propulsion and energy storage system.

With revolutionary, lightweight, high torque dense and rate manufactured axial-flux electric motors at its core, Evolito provides all key subsystems for an electric aircraft optimised for safety and profitability:

Evolito offers a comprehensive, integrated electric propulsion solutions comprising of axial flux motors, motor controller units, and electric battery solutions.

Our holistic approach enables considered trade-offs between each component to achieve the most efficient, redundant and cost-effective solution for all aircraft architectures: eVTOLS, UAM, UAV, helicopters or General Aviation applications.

Evolito: Motors for Electric Aircraft

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