We are here to transform air travel – fast.

By accelerating the adoption of electric propulsion, we will help revolutionise personal mobility and transform our towns and cities with clean, noise-free electric air transportation.

“This future will require a new level of power to weight ratio and performance. It will require consistent scalable production to achieve safe and predictable product rollout.
These are the challenges the industry will face in gaining rapid adoption – we firmly believe that Evolito will enable the business case for eVTOLs and electrified general aviation.”

Gareth Morris, COO, Evolito

The electric car is now a familiar concept and by 2030, it’s likely that almost all new cars sold will be electric. But for mobility to be truly sustainable – and for our towns and cities to be greener, quieter, more people-friendly spaces – we can, and must, aim higher. If we can make all-electric flight commercially possible, we can open up exciting new horizons in the way we live and travel.

Aerospace Solutions

A New Approach to Electric Propulsion, Generation and Energy Storage. With revolutionary, lightweight, high torque dense and rate manufactured axial-flux electric motors at its core, Evolito provides all key subsystems for an electric aircraft optimised for safety and profitability:
Axial Flux Motors: A Revolutionary Approach
Evolito’s Axial Flux motors are the smallest and lightest in their performance class, yielding high torque and power density.
Motor Controller Units
Evolito’s motor controller units (MCUs), have been designed for seamless integration with our Axial Flux electric motors.
Battery Systems & Management
Evolito’s battery solutions have been designed to allow for rapid development of an Expandable Energy Storage System.

Evolito At The Farnborough International Airshow 2024

We are delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting at the Farnborough International Airshow, which takes place between the 22nd & 26th July 2024.

Farnborough International Airshow

Fully Charged visit Evolito & Electroflight

We recently welcomed Fully Charged to our HQ to find out more about Evolito and Electroflight’s journey towards sustainable air travel and experience the record-breaking ACCEL Spirit of Innovation.

Robert Llewellyn and Imogen Bhogal-Pierce caught up with our CEO & Co-founder Dr Chris Harris, to discuss the journey from automotive to aerospace, from YASA, to Evolito and now including Electroflight.

Fully Charged Show

About Evolito

The revolutionary electric motor technology that’s transforming the automotive industry right now is doing the same to the way we fly.

Our high-performance, low-weight electric motors have proven manufacturing scale and are already taking flight.

Evolito: Motors for Evtol

ACCEL: Spirit Of Innovation

ACCEL, The Spirit Of Innovation, is the World’s Fastest Electric Plane, breaking the Electric Air Speed Record in November 2021. The zero-emission ‘Spirit of Innovation’ aircraft has achieved a new world record for all-electric flight of 345.4mph.

Rolls Royce Accel

Partner With Us

Working closely with airframers, Evolito is developing custom solutions based on axial flux electric motor technology  enabling completely new applications in electric flight.

Rolls Royce Accel