Battery Storage & Management: Next-generation Solutions For Aerospace

Evolito's Power & Energy Dense Battery Solutions

The requirement is to achieve high levels of battery power and energy density, offset by the equally crucial demand to keep battery weight at a minimum; getting this balance right is crucial to enhance the overall performance of the systems whilst adhering to the regulations of safety and reliability.

Our capabilities span every aspect of electric aviation’s battery requirements considering power & energy density, thermal management, airworthiness, certification and second lifting.

Our standard modules are ideal for bench testing and demonstrator aircraft; additionally custom energy storage systems are available to meet specific air framer objectives.

The Spirit Of Innovation

Evolito’s battery solutions have been designed to allow for rapid development of an Expandable Energy Storage System for a variety of fully electric and hybrid aerospace projects.

Modular architecture allows the Electrical Power System (EPS) to be tailored to the needs of the platform without needing a tailor-made design; complete flexibility in output bus voltage and power needs to enable custom redundancy.


Evolito’s Battery Design Features

  • Flexible high-power, high-integrity standalone module
  • Full bus voltage energy storage unit, create modular parallel channels
  • Fast charging capability
  • Cell venting provision and detection
  • HV control including contactors, precharge circuitry, fusing and power sensing
  • Equipped with a high-performance cell liquid cooling system (optional)
  • Self-contained standalone battery management system (voltage, temperature and balancing)
  • Versatile form factor allows options for design integration with the ability to increase performance by combining with Evolito’s motors and MCU.

MEPS-HP: Modular Electrical Power System - High Voltage

Off the Shelf Unit Specification:


Voltage Range:
706 – 420 Vdc
Peak Discharge Current
90 A (2023), 100 A (2024)
Nominal Energy (1C)
5.44 kWh (2023), 6.00 kWh (2024)
33 kg
Specific Energy:
165 Wh/kg (2023), 181 Wh/kg (2024), with road map to higher energy and power densities
218 x 218 x 979 mm
Active Liquid
Operating Temperature:
-20 to +60 °C (discharge),  0 to +60 °C (charge)
Cell Format:
Cell Capacity:
4.5 Ah (2023), 5.0 Ah (2024)
Charging Rate:
1C nominal, 5C maximum
CAN & discrete input / output
Evolito Battery Module For Aerospace

Our Batteries In Flight: Record Breaking Battery Solutions.

ACCEL, The Spirit Of Innovation, is the world’s fastest all-electric vehicle, breaking the electric speed record in November 2021 at a staggering 345.5mph – beating the existing record by 132mph!

This ground-breaking fixed wing plane was built and powered by Electroflight’s (now Evolito) battery solutions, alongside project partners, YASA’s aerospace division (now Evolito), ATI and Rolls Royce.

In order to achieve the record speeds, the aircraft has a 3-channel battery solution, where both power and energy density were meticulously considered, alongside integrated redundancy features that combined 3 x axial flux motors with 3 x inverters.

Read more about The ACCEL project here.

Evolito Propulsion Solutions

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