Fully Charged visits Evolito & Electroflight

We recently welcomed Fully Charged to our HQ to find out more about Evolito and Electroflight’s journey towards sustainable air travel and experience the record-breaking ACCEL Spirit of Innovation.

Robert Llewellyn and Imogen Bhogal-Pierce caught up with our CEO & Co-founder Dr Chris Harris, to discuss the journey from automotive to aerospace, from YASA, to Evolito and now including Electroflight. They found out more about the ACCEL project with Stjohn Youngman and discussed engineering challenges facing electrification in the industry with Chief Engineer Mukesh Patel.

Now, our combined capabilities propose a unique solution to electric and hybrid aircraft, offering a fully electric powertrain for UAMs and General Aviation aircraft, revolutionising the way we travel. The Spirit of Innovation will be coming to The Science Museum soon, where you can see the engineering and technology behind the worlds fastest all-electric vehicle.

Watch the full episode below.

Fully Charged Show