Axial Flux Motors: a revolutionary new approach

Building on YASA’s IP, Evolito is enabling the aerospace industry to leave behind the legacy radial electric motor technology that’s been holding the market back, and with this unique Axial Flux technology allowing it to truly take off.

“We’re building the future of electric flight with motors that have the highest power and torque densities in class with the ability to manufacture at scale, whilst achieving efficiencies of over 98%.”

Gareth Morris, Managing Director, Evolito

Axial Flux Motor Diagram

The Evolito Axial Flux motor has a unique segmented topology and novel cooling system, which are inherently more robust than other electric motors systems.

This technology also requires up to 75% less iron, less copper and less permanent magnets than competing radial solutions, making it lighter and more environmentally-friendly and therefore ideally suited to aerospace applications.

This ultra-high performance motor is capable of moving you faster and further due to this revolutionary topology and unmatched weight, size and power / torque densities.

Smaller. Lighter. Faster.

Evolito’s eMotors are the smallest and lightest in their performance class. The eMotors use less material to yield higher torque and power densities than comparable motor types.
Versatile form factor allows options for design integration with the ability to increase performance by stacking motors.

These products are suitable for a variety of applications, including:

  • Single and multi-propellor, fixed wing aviation applications
  • E-VTOL and UAM applications
  • Rotary aircraft solutions
  • For indirect (geared) propulsion applications
  • Outrigger configuration with integrated bearing assembly for robust propellor mounting
  • For direct propulsion solutions without a speed reduction stage

Evolito’s Axial Flux Motors

YASA's 750 Motor

D500 (1Kt)

YASA's 750 Motor

D1500 1×3

YASA's 750 Motor

D1500 2×3

Peak Power: 350 kW @ 6000 rpm Peak Power: 150 kW @ 1000 rpm Peak Power: 280 kW @ 2000 rpm
Peak Torque: 560 Nm Peak Torque: 1200 Nm Peak Torque: 1350 Nm
Continuous Power: 320 kW @ 6200rpm Continuous Power: 100 kW Continuous Power: 100kW
Peak Torque Density: 18 Nm/kg Peak Torque Density: 40 Nm/kg Peak Torque Density: 35 Nm/kg
Mass: 30kg Mass: 35kg Mass: 35kg
Size: 375 x 128mm Size: 440 x 110mm Size: 440 x 110mm
Suitable for indirect propulsion applications Up to 2500 rpm Speed Up to 2500 rpm Speed


Note: All data assume 800 V DC


800V SiC, 300 Arms continuous works with all products

Please contact us to discuss your application requirements. We can then supply detailed information on the Evolito products and options that may be suitable for you. For more information, please contact us here.


Evolito provides the world’s most advanced electric propulsion solutions for aerospace applications.

The Urban Air Mobility (UAM) market alone is forecast to grow to over $100 billion by 2035. However, the success of this potentially transformative but still nascent market is dependant on the market’s adoption of new technologies. Many of the current approaches to electric flight rely on legacy radial motors — a technology that is over 50 years old, with very little innovation roadmap left ahead.

In comparison, Evolito’s Axial Flux electric motors and power electronics have the highest power densities and greatest efficiencies in class, making them ideally suited for new all-electric aerospace applications.

The technology is already established in the electric automotive market, being deployed in series production by manufacturers including Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari. This proven rate of manufacture and process quality allows for the potential for scalable manufacture from the outset.

Discover more about the Axial Flux Technology on the YASA Website